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I cant believe the NERVE of some people! Mainly my ex. I just had a beautiful baby girl by him two months ago and he was not there for my pregnancy nor the birth, he ran out on us to be with his new girlfriend who is now pregnant and they are still together. He has the nerve to call me today and ask that I send money to the new state they live in so he can fix up a room for our daughter when he gets an apartment.

Him and his new girlfriend have been down bad since day one moving house to house with his and her fam state to state and are also on the lamb running from the law, both are in violation of their probate and they cant hold jobs to save their life and he wants me to believe he is about to get an apartment and fix up a room for our baby that hes never done nothing for but demand a dna test *which proved she was his, duh! like i told him*

Either he wants my money to get a place for him and his woman or money from me to prepare for the baby they have on the way. HOW SAD! you will take from one kids mouth if i was dumb enough to let him to take care of the other just cuz shes the one on your um, ill say privates right now. PUH LEASE! so you know I told him go to heck and he told me have fun raising a baby with no father, lol. Oh my gosh someone tell me that there are still some stand up guys out there cuz while Im laughing outside on inside this still hurts some.
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