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i was seeing a guy for a while 5 and half yrs ago and got pregnant. as soon as i told him i was pregnant we finished. he wasnt what you would call supportive but was in my daughters life for six months before he decided he didnt want to know her. i havent seen him since and shes 5 yrs old. but he lives in the same town.
When my daughter was about one i met someone and we got into a relationship and i got pregnant yet again. My son by him is now 4 yrs old. He brought drugs into my house which i allowed for a long long time 4 yrs to be exact. Lovely man but very troubled and also a nice few circumstances where he was physically violent towards me. i put up with this cos i loved him and also he took on my daughter from another man as his own loved her just the same as his son. this is still the case but we are no longer together. I had to make that break for my childrens sake but its not one im totally happy with. My daughter doesnt know who her real Dad is as from a young age she has known my sons father as her own and started calling him daddy when she was two. i didnt correct her as i thought it was best she didnt know about her real dad who wants nothing to do with her. This plays on my mind something crazy as i dont know if im helping her or hindering her for the future. i just want to protect her. she goes with her brother every sunday to see their dad and has a great relationship with him now that were not together. us splitting up was the best thing ever because its made me a better mother and him a better father. half the time i feel tho as if her real father could just show up out of the blue and turn her life upside down. this is a fear i have. i wouldnt know where to start in telling her that her real father wants nothing to do with her so i havent but i worry about the future when any questions may be asked regarding birth certificates etc. i feel ive got myself tangled in a web of lies and the last thing i want is for my daughter to hurt, or for this to effect her in any way. any suggestions are welcome, thanks
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