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im 21 years old raising my daughter alone now after the worse beating in my life by her daddy with her in my arms... just dont kno what to do i pressed charges and now he is facing hard jail time, and he took my money 1,800.00!! i have a job bt no money cause i just got paid and he took that too!! im not really wanting to pursue charges because i dont want my babies father to go to prison, and his mother is saying that he loves me so much and that he is wanting to go to classes and get help!! im not sure what to do anymore any advice would help!! :( thanks for any comments and suggestions!
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Name: Daisy54 | Date: Feb 26th, 2011 12:41 AM
Dear angelina,
i was you i would not take him back because he could do it again and maybe he would kill you next time he does this so think about your babies think what is best for them & you ok. hope this helps you out

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