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Name: desii_leann
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okay me and my babydaddy had both hurt each other we was together for two yr,s and we been split up for a yr and a half now and i walked out on him because i jus had a gut feeling he was cheating on me wen i was pregnant,, i was good to him i cleaned washed clothes and everything so i finally gave up and took my lil gurl and left bt i reqret it cuz i miss him and he was my first everything im only sixteen and im makin it i got a job and i support my baby ,, but my baby wants to make things work now but i cant trust him,, any advice
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Name: turbogirl | Date: Dec 5th, 2010 7:36 AM
First up, good on you girl, for looking after your daughter and supporting her! The best thing i can tell you now is to start slowly with the daddy, be friends, see how he is, what he's up to and if you have a bad feeling then you know not to take it further. Hopefully he is trustworthy and the 3 of you will be happy ! I know you miss him and it's difficult on your own, but if you get back and realise he's a cheating assh**e then you'l feel much worse than you do now. You've come this far, do it on your terms! 

Name: desii_leann | Date: Dec 6th, 2010 6:59 PM
thanks qurl i try my hardest to give my lil qurl everythinq,, and uqh it is difficult bt i learned how to be strnq and qet thru it,, sumtime,s i hld bak all my tear,s and build it all up inside bt deep down inside he hurt me real bad,, and we dne tried to wrk out so many time,s bt he is nt serious he say,s stupid stuff like i never loved you ,, i jus used you ,, and to hear stuff like that eat,s me up inside bt a couple of months aqo he was with dis qurl and he had that qurl write me telln me she,s preqo and she held my lil qurl and she is qoin to be step mommy and he is nineteen and that qurl is qoin to twenty and it made me lauqh cuz me as a sixteen yr old is more mature den both of dem,, bt i dnt qet it sumtime,s cuz wen i dnt bother him he bother,s me i tried to stop tlkin to em bt he keep,s tryinq to hurt me 

Name: babymonii1 | Date: Dec 24th, 2010 8:32 AM
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