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Hi my name is nitza, and hopefully someone can answer my question. it would be very helpful.

I got my last period September 20th 2010, im never late I always get my period every month. but by the end of this week on the 20th i will be 2 months late.

I did 2 home pregnancy test of the first reponse both came out negative one in the morning my first urine n the one day before last weekend. I got my blood test done it also came out negative but im still late. I am not worried im not stress i feel very great!. My doctor said everything great she checked inside she said i had everything in perfect condition no sists no nothing. Yesterday i bought the Clear Blue Digital home pregnancy test n did one this morning november 16th 2010 it also came out negative... i dont no whats going on i hope im pregnant :) but its very confusing because i always get my period i never miss one.. But i did gain weight n i feel like my stomach is growing but not sure, i also feel a bit more hungry but i dont wanna eat alot n get carried away i am taking materna prenatal vitimins just incase my doctor said they were good .

My doctor also said she was going to send me to get an ultrasound done to check if im pregnant.

hope some one can help ..your opinions would be real apreciated thank you al
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