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hi everyone i would just like to say im a single mom of 3 children from 3 different dads. the first one i was young and stupid but i wouldnt change the route of my life because he is an amazing 10 year old and i love him to bits and tell him everyday. i met the second dad at a single parents group. everyone said he would be perfect for me that is until he found out i was pregnant and then i saw the true colours. the third dad well lets just say love could not explain the way i felt about him and vice versa, but he developed a bad drinking problem and i ended up with a face like rockys mom. now i am alone and to be perfectly honest i wouldnt change it but nearly everyone judges me and treats me like im a total loser going nowhere my new neighbours think im the next vicky pollard. if they took the time they would see that my children are the lovliest little things with impeccable manners and a vocab bigger than mine i hardly drink i dont smoke my garden is clean and tidy as is my home i like french novels stilton cheese and bri. im not saying im a snob but i am certainly not a vicky pollard. why dont people get to know me anymore. i feel like an outcast sometimess.
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