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I'm a 24 single mother with a 4 year old boy.I've been really lucky that while I worked and went to school my parents helped me out with my son and let us live with them, but my mom is very controlling and very protective of my son which makes it hard for me to be the mother i want to be to my son. My boyfriend and I have discussed about moving in together so we can have our own life and we can raise my son. (which he lives an 1 hour and 30 mins away in the same state) my parents and my boyfriend do not like each other which makes it harder. My mom has told me that if I moved and took my son with she will involve my ex who lives in another state I have talked to my ex about it, and it would affect his visitations which is every few months for a week . I'm really just tempted to take my son and leave.she uses what she can to keep me at their house. I use her old car and she always tells me she going to take it away so I can't go anywhere. Which makes it impossible for me to look for a job which she doesn't mind cause then if I don't work my son doesn't have to go to daycare and she can take care of us, but I'm ready to move and get a job and be the mother I want to be. Any advice?
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Name: jesi | Date: Dec 31st, 2014 4:46 PM
*it would not affect my ex's visitation 

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