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hey everyone, i want to know if there r any others who have tried to quit during pregnancy. I am 17 almost 18 and I am 6 months pregnant. I smoke about a pack a day and I have tried to quit a few different times but I just cant. It is sooo stressful being pregnat and my bf left me about a month ago. If anyone else has been in the same situation pls comment thx
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Name: ashley1234 | Date: Feb 2nd, 2011 3:49 AM
Hello, I know what your going through! I smoked everyday. And i seemed like every time i tryed to quit i would smoke 10 times more! And every smoke that I would light up i would think of how bad it was for my baby!
My pregnatice was hell from it also! They thought she was going to be born small with she was 6 pounds. to some drs thats under weight beause mos babys are between 8 and 10 pounds now. I had non stress tests twice a week to make sure she was happy ( Every one came back awesome )

How i quit was i disided to breastfeed and said to everyone that would try and give me crap for smoking that as soon as my little baby was born i would quit, and i did! its been 7 weeks not with out a smoke. it was alot easyer quiting seeing the little face.

If you would like to quit befor your little angel is here you have to understand that smokeing does not help stress, If you think about it, your stressing your self out 10 time more smoking then if you would just quit. start slowly! In the begging i was smoking a pack also but i cut back to about 7 a day. I know you can quit, but its 10 times easyer if you have someone there cheering you on! staying smoke free for the first day and getting that little pat on the back is awesome!! good luck! 

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