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I'm about to be a father, a single father apparently.. Something I've never wanted to happen for any of my children. My trust has been used by many and I am disgusted of the world we live in. I'm a super nice, cool guy, I help elderly people, kids, sick people and just anyone who asks for help really. So when I think about the people who have used me it makes me severely angry. My ex or whatever she was, she got pregnant while on the pill and I feel like it was planned. I trusted her to take it everyday and I kept up on it. She lied to me about giving up on marijuana, and smoked it while pregnant with our child. She was going to better her life, take out her facial piercings and get a better job. Her mother told her she shouldn't change for anyone. First she wasn't changing for me, she said it was for her and I didn't care about it but it made me happy. Second what a complete retard of a mother to say that if your daughter is trying to better herself.. I don't even want her mother around my child, as far as I know she did drugs and she does drink and drive and I do not want my child exposed to someone like that unless it's to teach how you could end up, or what not to do. Another thing is if my ex cared or even had love for me she'd ditch all her friends who smoke weed or do any drugs. I don't need them in my life or my child's life. Not to be extremely mean but they are nobodies. If she cared she'd let me name our child, or would have let me name our child together instead of insisting to do it herself and giving her last name to my child. She'd reason with me and we'd co-parent if she cared. She says she cares and loves me but why would she do this? Why would anyone act in such a way? She wouldn't even let me go to a doctor visit, that is rare for a father to want to go. I just wanted to help but I've been treated worst than a turd for what reason? I don't even want to date anyone anymore. I can't trust anyone and I need advice or just someone to talk to or someone to explain to me that I can trust people or give people a second chance. I lost faith to everyone and to our government to allow this to happen to any man or woman. It's just a ridiculous situation. I hope my ex does the right thing, we don't need courts. The right thing would be to avoid the courts completely so our child doesn't have to go through that but we should settle in mediation. I believe if any parent cared about their children they wouldn't go through the court systems, they'd both agree upon terms and have it in writing. They'd also work together to raise their children even if they are dating other people, there's no need for jealousy or whatever ridiculous thing. Just my opinion and fact. You make sacrifices for your children, they come first. Am I wrong?
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Name: Albert | Date: Dec 29th, 2014 5:28 PM
I just want to know what happened to religious traditions or faith? Everyone is so self-centered and horribly selfish. A child isn't property owned by anyone, I'm tired of my ex treating it that way. Like it's her child. It's our child. It's my baby just as much as it is her baby. It's time for change because a lot of mothers everywhere use their children against the father for money purposes or to hold things over their heads. Plus I believe in equal rights, women want to be treated as equals right? Why has it not been changed yet? I'm just wondering? Children shouldn't be robbed of any parent and I strongly believe children need both their mother and father equally. We all need to stand up for every child everywhere if we all agree. 

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