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This has been so hard for me , I never dealt with a man like this. He lied on me before I met his family,cheated on me during my pregnancy,when he wasn't working I was supportive of him,he just made things so difficult, I just don't know what to do any more. I don't have any family other than my children. I don't want child support, I would really rather just be left alone,nothing is good enough I just can't, I wish I ahd a mom or an elder in my life for support , theres no one that i trust anymore.my son's father loved me , he loved me so much and I know it and even though he's not here anymore becaused he passed away, we were much younger when I had my son and he didn't treat me like this. My son has been an only child for 13 years and now I have my daughter and I'm 34i will be 34 ina month from this friday. i took care of him by myself because his dad was sent back home. I never let anyone get this close to me , I never lived with anyone until him, I never thought it would be like this . I did everything so I wouldn't be put int his situation with a person who would treat me like this.and i am utterly and most definately heartbroken. i cry as I write this. I can't believe that a 31 year old can act lie this. i'm confused because he kept me from his family when I was pregnant but now they kinda of show an interest
but becuase he lied on me i always feel akward and uncomfortable. I never really know what they think of me. when she was born only went to see them a couple of times and I lived rite down the block from them. her grandmother preffered his ex girlfriend and maintained a relationship with her while i was pregnant. He cheated with his ex-after we had an argument then maintained a realtionship with another girl thru out my entire pregnancy.we were never invited down to see her grandmother until my daughter. Now she wants to babysit and I think it's only because she can get paid from the state. She never babysat when I lived up the block. and he didn't work for this entire summer and i didn't pressure him I was supportitve and told him not to sweat it.because i work .He spent alot of time here this summer and it was nice the way it used to be. on aug. 14 th he asked me to marry him for the 3rd time and this time i believed him. but when he went bacvk to work the first week of september, it all went down hill. first he was to tired to come over then when i called him last week, he started the nonsense with the not answering his phone, then when i got him on the phone only to tell himt that the baby was sick and i needed some money to take her to the dr.he went bak to his usual. i aksed him if things were going to be the same like before because he is working now and then it started , how much he hate me and how much he don't like me.he said when he slept with me it made him sick, how i was a stupid bitch. and now for the first time i really feel stupid.wilth al;l the stuff hes done I never felt stupid until now. this was last week and i haven't cried until today. I don't want to see him, I wish their was a male relative in my life but there isn't. I believ that child support isa spiteful thing.i told him today that it will never be the same because of what he said to me I can't sleep with him becuase of what he said, I don't want to see him because I'll just feel stupid, someone please tell me it will get better if I just l move awy and leave him alone completely. Would it be wrong if I let my daughter see him when she's old enough to make this decision for herself and this is not the way i want my son to see women treated, what should I do?
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