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My 5 month old twins were just diagnoses with Cp and I'm really wondering how this will affect them. Both twins can roll over, but neither can reach out to grab at something or put any weight on their legs. They have just started smiling a little bit, but even that is rare. At 1st the Dr.s told us they might have autism because they avoided eye contact and didn't seem to interact with us at all. With Jasmin we thought she was blind for 2 months because she didn't react at all to lights or faces. She now reacts some but not in a "normal" fashion. Jer seems to react more to faces and talking to him, but he is pretty much a wet noodle when it comes to any body control. Is this all part of CP? I'd appreciate any advice anyone can give me.
Thanks, Connie
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Name: lanaandalexis | Date: Jan 7th, 2007 1:37 AM
connie im not sure what cp is but my 8mth twin girls are behide on a lot of things i have nursrescome out 2 times a week and i kinda know what ur going through my thoughts and prays are with u and ur famliy 

Name: sullykidsmom | Date: Jan 8th, 2007 5:20 AM
Ask your doctors about physical and occupational therapy. My son is 15 months with CP and has done quite well with this therapy. He just learned how to roll over and can't sit up yet but, we are working on it. I think that therapy has helped us out a lot because they show us things to do with him at home as well. I do advise that you work with them at home all of the time. They need lots of stretching and interaction to progress quicker. Also, ask about your local early intervention program. They help pay for medical supplies, therapy, specialists, and much more. 

Name: Julie | Date: Jun 17th, 2010 7:02 AM
Hi TT, I'm 33 and have CP. Not a mom of little ones, but from what I remember my mom saying, I was behind in all the milestones, lifting my head later than usual, sitting up later than usual, belly-crawling for a long time before crawling or walking, not walking until 3.5 years, and then with 2 poles/canes. I don't remember her mentioning that eye contact was a problem, but I know CP can affect many different areas in different people. Stigmatism can be an issue for some, hearing can be an issue for some, and facial muscles can also be affected, depending on the type and severity of CP. I hope this is a little helpful. 

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