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Name: Janice | Date: Oct 29th, 2010 9:17 PM
Hi my name is Janice. I have a 15 yr old Aspergers child. You can email me anytime. [email protected] 

Name: Mrs Smith | Date: Oct 31st, 2010 12:41 AM
I have a grandson who is 10 and was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome when he was 3 years old. It is causing problems in the family as the extended family think that the parents are not strict enough with him when he starts to shout and swear at them. I find it difficult as I seem to be in the middle and it is very difficult to take sides. I love my grandson very much and it is very upsetting to see his behaviour getting worse. I wonder if there are any other grandparents with similar problems and how they dealt with it without making the situation worse. 

Name: Cara Earle | Date: Nov 5th, 2010 2:27 AM
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Name: KCT | Date: Nov 5th, 2010 7:14 AM
I have a son who is nine years old and is blind and has Asperger's, as well as ADD/ADHD, OCD & ODD. He has recently been experiencing a "buzzing" in his ears. It came out of nowhere; he has never been overly sensitive to noise. I worried that he might have tinnitus; had him checked by our pediatrician and there is nothing physically wrong. DIagnosed as anxiety disorder. One more to add to the list. The "buzzing" that my son hears (or thinks he is hearing) has become a daily nightmare. He has meltdowns at school that are so severe that I have to go and pick him up from school. Nothing seems to help; we've tried anti-anxiety meds and he still comes home everyday crying and complaining that the "buzzing" is happening. I don't know what to do. I am at my wits end. Has anyone ever dealt with anything like this before? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 

Name: Gabrielle | Date: Nov 6th, 2010 1:40 AM
my daughter has aspergers and its tough day to day, im a single mom and have two other children who are fine, but i never imagined my life this way, doctors, coucilers, medicine, and most of all the frustration that comes with this all. im drowning here and anyone who has a comment please help.... 

Name: gbrink5092 | Date: Nov 6th, 2010 1:49 AM
Hi Carol...my name is Gabrielle and i have a daughter with aspergers, I know exactly how you feel maybe like your drowning and praying for someone to save you well thats me every day... I dont know what to do and it seems that no one understands what it is like everyday! one word: HARD!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Name: gbrink5092 | Date: Nov 6th, 2010 1:58 AM
Please anyone willing to chat regarding a child with aspergers please contact me [email protected] 

Name: alliemommy5 | Date: Nov 6th, 2010 2:56 AM
I have 2 Aspies; both are boys ages 11 and 5. 

Name: hayley | Date: Nov 6th, 2010 9:17 PM
JUst wanted a bit of advice and support on how to support and help my 6 yr old son , who is under goin a aspergers He is having loads of problems in school and the either send him home or only have him in sch till 12, because of this he has fell behind with his reading , the teachers say he is a danger to himself and others so he cant interact with other children and has playtime on his own. he is a handfull but i just dont know what to do for the best . all comments very grateful x 

Name: Tammy | Date: Nov 9th, 2010 2:07 PM
My youngest son has aspergers. I would love to chat with you, maybe we can help each other with tips etc. 

Name: tasha1011 | Date: Nov 14th, 2010 8:57 PM
Children with Asperger's are seen as odd by others, can easily be misunderstood and have difficulty interacting with parents and teachers. I wrote an article that offers strategies to parents. You can read it at


Name: amy | Date: Nov 18th, 2010 2:48 AM
Does anyones child seem to wanna eat the same things everyday? 

Name: aspy | Date: Nov 20th, 2010 4:01 AM

Name: noemi | Date: Nov 21st, 2010 5:04 PM
hi carol, i can onky say,as you already know, it is not easy. 

Name: Jacqui | Date: Nov 23rd, 2010 11:09 PM
Need help with my asperger teen. He acts like a 5 year old but is smart like a 16 year old. Love him so much, but, I can not stand him...Please help! 

Name: Blaine | Date: Nov 30th, 2010 4:05 PM
My fellow classmate who is an aspie is looking for someone to interview for his English paper. Can anyone comply? 

Name: Alana | Date: Dec 1st, 2010 6:09 AM
I have a nephew that I believe might have Aspergers Syndrome. He is three and I know that all kids develope differently. I am just going to try and explain a few things that cause my concerns and I just want feed back on whether this sounds like any of the signs your children have shown. He doesn't talk well, he speaks in broken sentences and is unable to understand most meanings. When you call him honey, sweety, baby, ect. he replies " i not ____ I joey" He cannot be corrected, punishments do nothing, he can get in trouble for something, and as soon as its over he will go right back and do it again. He refuses to use the restroom in the toilet, he just goes anywhere, both #1 and #2. He has extreme anger issues. He will get so angry he hits and bites with no cause at all. Never laughs, you can tickle him or do anything to make him laugh for that matter and he just gets angry instead. Anyway these are just a few I can think of now, any info will help. Thank you 

Name: jo | Date: Dec 2nd, 2010 10:55 AM
You learn to have alot of patience!! 

Name: victoriaanne | Date: Dec 3rd, 2010 8:11 PM
December 3rd, 2010
Is anyone here? I have a son with Aspergers and was hoping to talk with others who live with Aspergers. I also hope Melissa's little brother (from 2005) is doing better now. 

Name: victoriaanne | Date: Dec 3rd, 2010 8:35 PM
Is there a way we can ''respond'' to somebody's question? I'm not the most computer literate. 

Name: victoriaanne | Date: Dec 4th, 2010 3:04 AM
to KCT, whose son is 9. I only found this forum today, my son feels better with ear muffs on...maybe that could give some relief to yours. My daughter had eczema in her ear cannels at on point...another possibility is something dental
I realise I'm a month late, I hope he's better now.. 

Name: Chris | Date: Dec 4th, 2010 9:28 AM
I'm not sure what this is,. I am a high functioning autistic teenager. I'd like to connect with other people on the "spectrum". ;) 

Name: PossibleMaybe | Date: Dec 5th, 2010 1:12 AM
I think I might have Aspergers, Im not sure. I've been searching around the web, looking for disorders and other syndromes that could connect to my social awkwardness. i just wanted an answer, and I came across this.
It had everything about me, and some I didn't even think were symptoms. But when I asked my mom, that I could possibly have this she told me, "People with asbergers walk funny, you dont have asbergers you have ASSbergers."
Shes an RN, been one for twenty years, but sometimes has a bad temper and was an expecially foul mood because of my grades. I have a real high IQ, but she hates how I can't apply myself. For a while I thought I was just lazy, or stupid. I mean, I understand alot of stuff its just when it comes to homework and assignments... I cant focus. I mean to do them, but I just... I don't know, forget? Something along those lines.
I know most girls with Asbergers have more passive symptoms, and aren't prone to outbursts or tantrums and guys usually are because of the differences in sex. Girls are more nurturing towards each other, guys tend to make fun of each other. But that might not be the case with me, I have four brothers and Im the middle child. At school, from kindergarden to the end of ninth grade I was always the funny weird kid. I couldn't make friends easily and alot of people made fun of me so I don't really understand alot about social connects. Especially in elementery school and middle, they said I had cooties or that I was weird and didn't like me because alot of times I'd show off in class, I thought if they knew I was smart then they'd come ask me for help and then we could be friends, but that didn't happen, they just kept me at a further distance. I didn't have much interaction with other kids my age and I just started thinking that they were all idiots, that they were kids and I was an adult, alot of the teachers and my parents told and still etll me i'm real mature for my age.
I didn't have any friends until around late ninth grade, and that was when I started adopting a different persona. I found a RP (roleplaying) site by accident, at first I was a sort of foul tempered person and I'd just sit and listen to them talk, then I figured out that the people with the most friends were the really bubbly and excited ones and slowly Silver was born. She's probably one of the most popular people on the sites, with alot of friends. Slowly, I started adapting from her to social situations. I'm not sure if this is good, or bad and I'm not sure if Silver is really me or just someone I created to help me cope so that I can fit in.
I also have a sensitivty to light and sound, and when I try and sleep at night I put a towl underneath my door so the hallway light can't come in and a pillow over my head to muffle the noise otherwise I concentrate on it and can't sleep at all. My brothers are right bellow me and I have a hearing problem where I can't here certain frequencys but others I can and a really good sense of smell. I know this because in the sixth grade, we were testing the affects of acid rain on the enviroment. Our teacher had set up a lab, but as soon as she unplugged the contanor, I had to leave the room. The smell coming from it was disgusting, I felt like I was going to hurl but no one else seemed to be affected. Later, my mom just told me my grandfather was like that and I had probably inherited his sense of smell from him. I also have bad eyesight, and its recently getting worse though my mom tells me that in adolescence this sort of thing happens.
What gets me in trouble the most though, are my books. I have a small library built up in my rooms with hundreds of dollars of books. At school, I check out a book a day or more and in class sometimes I just have to read. I can't ignore it, I just need to get back to reading. I remember it was the second grade that I first started actually reading like i am today, though my first experience was in kindergarden, and ironicly, the book I took home was the 'Ugly Duckling'. Though I loved the book, like I mentioned before I only started actually reading and hoarding books like before was in second grade. Everyone was in the playground, but I didn't want to go out. I mean, why should I? At least thats what I thought, for a while I just started to pluck grass and stare at the clouds but one day I checked a book out of the library, Goosebumps "The Werewolf of Fever Swamp." we needed to read so that we could check out our AR points, but what astounded me was that in one hour of play time I finished it. And thats where my love of books came from, thats turned into a problem that keeps me from my studies.
Speaking of my studies, I mentioned before that I know I'm intelligent, I used to get A's and B's before adolescents but once I entered eight grade I couldn't concetrate, nothing seemed to let me get my homework done and turn the stuff in.
I wonder sometimes why I don't tell my parents things. I researched alot about this topic, but I don't want to talk to a counselor at school because I'm nervous they might think I'm doing it for the attention and if it turns out I don't have aspergers, then my parents will will hear about it and get angry.
I still sometimes get bullied, but I've long ago stopped asking for help and I started threatening them. I know this is more common in boys, but I grew up being oustrocized and in a male prodominate family so it may be that I never had the upbringing most common for girls. I'm short tempered when I'm scared, and I bluff alot about hurting them if they keep it up. I don't like lying, but in the second grade I was crying because I had down a project wrong, one of my teachers came up and asked me if I was crying for that reason and I was scared so I told them it was because I missed my parents. She softened up immediately and patted my head. I think thats what might have reinforced my behavoir through the years.
In eight grade I had a crush on a guy, I thought he liked me and would sometimes follow him around. He was nice to me, didn't make fun of me and would actually talk. And then I heard him mention how I was such a geek and I figured that I was just over exaggerating. And now I don't talk to him at all, its for the better maybe.
I'm not as uncoordinated as many articles say people with Aspergers are, but not all symptoms come up right? Just some of them, so I'm thinking that its possible for it to be with me; that symptom may just not have showed up for me.
I'm told Im naive alot, and have trouble keeping a stright face when I'm telling either truth or lie it doesn't matter. Although over teh past few years I've gotten more paranoid, and alot of the times I wonder if people are telling the truth or if they'll believe me. It might have to do with my parents; they figured I was naive when I was younger, so they started telling me lies and having me figure it out. "An alien landed outside our house" "Theres a monster in your closet" "We can't have christmas this year because we dont have enough money" and over the years I've just gotten wary of things.
Recently, what prompted me to try again and see if its possible for me to have Asbergers, or any other social disorder, was a conversation I overheard in biology. Two girls were talking about a concert or something, they were mentioning the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber and I had to ask if this was what most girls talked about. For me, I always figured I was a tomboy like I mentioned, I grew up with four brothers and I didn't like socially interacting with other people. I liked soft clothing and whenever my mom tried to get me to wear clothes that itched or scratched, I'd change out of it immediatly and refused to wear it. I wouldn't wear anything that made me uncomfortable and alot of times with clothes I wear an old tanktop underneath it because it's soft. And the clothes I wore to begin with weren't that uncomfortable, t-shirts and jeans. I figured it was just because I wasn't a barbie and took priority that I was comfortable over being pretty.
I kept in mind after the conversation with the two girls, but what got me unsettled was when watching my youngest brother, David. Me and him share a close relationship, whenever Moms at work (which is alot) and dads at college or work (alot) I watch him. And I've noticed we have alot of similarites with each other.
I was a real crybaby in middle-elementary school. So is he. I was a genius and was put in school early, he is a first grader but last month the teachers told us that he can skip ahead to third grade if he wants to. Whenever things dont go his way, he cries or walks away or curses which is what I've been trying to get him to stop. My other younger brother seems to bully him, and I'm worried that will make it worse for him. I also know that sometimes people with aspergers have trouble with the tones of their voices and in elementary school I had to go through some "Speech Remidial" sessions because I talked funny and David has an unusually low and scratchy voice. He's eight years old, and I know that it's better for kids to be diagnosed before that age but I want to help both him and me.
If I have aspergers could it be possible for him to as well?
I want an answer to this, I may or may not have aspergers and I feel uncomfortable going to anyone else. I figure hey, I don't know you guys and you guys dont know me so if I don't have it then I don't have to ever come back and I can't hear you guys making fun of me.
I know alot of you aren't pyschologists, or people who can't really do this proffesionally with a one hundred percent answer and solution, but I just want off your personal experiences what you think.
And hey, if I don't have aspergers than I won't have to humiliate myself with the counselor and if I do, or at least you think I might, then I might be brave enough to ask.
I'd just like a reply from a couple of you, and a bit of help. 

Name: victoriaanne | Date: Dec 6th, 2010 8:58 PM
Dear Possiblemaybe, I hope you check the site to see if you got a response, I have only just read your letter now. I know you're worried about contacting a councelor at school but, I really really encourage you to go. This is how I look at it: Not as humiliating but rather as a way of getting an answer. MAybe you have Aspergers, or something else...or maybe you're just a smart kid who likes to read and prefers to be alone. What I'm getting to is that, seeing someone, or calling a kid's help line, or something, can give you an answer, even if it is to tell you, ''you're OK'' Then you'd know. If you have Asperger's, that's also OK, because you've been managing with it so far. My father is 70 and he has just been told that he has Asperger's. He was glad to know, because it was an answer. If you find out now, well you'll know all your life, unlike my father who is learning closer to the end of his life.
So, I'll send you some (web) encouragement to go to the councelor. Write again, if you wish. 

Name: dylan | Date: Dec 16th, 2010 10:00 PM
i am not a parent but i am a boy with aspergers i am struggeling moast autistic savients have a large iq and are prodigies but still it hurts i have no friends and i am constantly sad i go to a theripist to try to feel better but thats the only way i can terret it. 

Name: gail | Date: Dec 30th, 2010 2:01 PM
I have a granddaughter with ssbergers, adhd and opposition defianite disorder, she is 9 years old and is haveing issues with taking thins like candy and pill just to have them and she will sneak and not tell anyone why does any of this sound similuar to anyone out their 

Name: adri | Date: Jan 7th, 2011 9:05 PM
Well idk of any but I also have aspergers and I'm 14 if you want you can text me 7176232317 

Name: Somebody | Date: Jan 14th, 2011 1:30 PM
Hi i am only a kid and i have Aspergers. Some times i get very stressed in small places and big cwords( Spelling). I also hate Noises. I have friends but some times i just prefur to be alone and when i was in my first school i would hate being apart from my mom and would be alone most breaks. I have a problem were i can't say words. 

Name: aspiemama | Date: Jan 16th, 2011 6:39 AM
PossibleMaybe- I'm a 34 year old woman with Asperger's and also a mom of a 9 year old girl and 11 year old boy with Aspergers as well. I come from a family LOADED w/ AS. Do you know of anyone in your family (of your brothers) or uncles, parents, aunts, etc that have the characteristics? I would find a psychologist or psychiatrist who specializes in Autism Spectrum Disorders. And, if you are really suffering with anxiety, depression, etc. Ask about medications. Medications have changed my life. If you have any questions let me know. I have spent the past 5 years or so writing about ASD's and my life. 

Name: aspiemama | Date: Jan 16th, 2011 6:46 AM
Hi Carol. I don't know how I handle it. I escape a lot. I have AS to as well as bi-polar and I'm homeschooling the kids. My son had a huge blow up today over not wanting to do his school work. Of course I gave in and let him play his xbox instead of doing his school work. I let the kids have friends sleep over because we just moved to a new state and a new friend is actually autistic and begged us to spend the night and my son is his own friend. My son also plays x box with his old friend back in WA, so they get to play online through the internet and he also plays with his cousin. He made a friend here pretty fast too. When he was in school back in wa however, someone called him "weird" and of course I remember what it was like not fitting in and hating school so I pulled him out to home school (like I did the year before). But today he blew up and slammed the door on me 3 times, pushed me and tried to hit me and raged. So tomorrow (he doesn't know this) he will lose the x-until he starts doing his school. My husband hates the xbox and wants it gone. I feel bad for him because its his gateway to his old friends. I think i need to trust my hubby because its an addiction and the game "halo" is all my son talks about...and he spends all his time "modifying" the game through the computer. UGH!! How about your life?? 

Name: Karen Mae | Date: Jan 25th, 2011 4:34 AM
this is my 1st time on here. I have never posted about aspergers b4.my. son was diagnosed w/ mild aspergers in kindergarten. he has had problems w/ making friends and problems in school. I can remember many Birthday or holiday party when he ended up sitting outside of the class room. Birthday parties where he wasn't invited. and Meltdowns at public places where I thought the security might try to intervene.now he is in 7th grade and doing very well. he has friends and feels popular. he understands aspergers now and it helps him when he has some troubles. I have been through the mill w/ him and still hold my breath when I get a call from the school. I wont say its a dream now but in comparison it is. I am a widowed Mom from the time my son was a baby. my Mom passed the same year so I really didn't have too much family support. I did have a good school psychologist and good friends. I have seen other kids w/ other disabilities do so well it gave me the light at the end of the tunnel.I would be happy to talk w/ anyone else who needs to share ups and downs... [email protected] 

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