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So my son was born with bi lateral clubbed feet, did the castings and the lengthening all went well. Put on the braces and within a month his right foot started bending basically in half, now I know there is a chance with having the crease on the insides of his feet, but this is completely on the outside of his foot, the doctor has never seen this with any pt, and even his partner has never seen this, as of right now we redid a cast for a couple weeks and he was put back into his braces and again it is starting. And at the last appt we basically agreed to wait till he is walking and see if him keeping the pressure on his feet will flaten it naturally, but now when I take his braces off for bath time I put them straight back on because it seems as if I wait any longer it hurts him to out it on. If anyone has any insight on this please leave a comment and thank you in advance
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