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Hello, I'm new to these forums. I have a 5 year old stepson with a developmental delay who has just started school not long ago. His dad and I have him full time, his mother does not want to deal with a special needs child. When he first started going to school, he did great! Progressed very well, listened to his teachers, made friends, and is always learning a lot. There is a noticeable difference in many things he struggled with before. But lately, he has been having terrible discipline problems at school; throwing tantrums when he doesn't get his way that resemble those of a much younger child, being flat out defiant with his teacher and refusing to do things if they do not mean getting his way. It's become so bad, his teacher is almost insisting on implementing a "behavior plan", which she makes sound bad and I don't see how it would help. Has anyone else ever had a problem like this? His dad and I are at a loss for what to do.
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Name: Joberry88 | Date: Feb 5th, 2012 4:23 PM
my son is 5 and he has developmental delay with behavior problems. does he see an occupational therepist. my son has problems like that so i no its really really hard but i think an occupational therepist can help with that or does the school have a family suport worker you can go to? 

Name: rowenda | Date: Mar 26th, 2012 12:20 PM
Have you consulted a doctor about the changes you have observed in your stepson? Maybe he has some disorder that is yet to be diagnosed. If not, then you can probably work with his teacher to list down the specific situations that leads to your son misbehaving. You can both probably agree in reinforcing rewards and proper discipline whenever a good or bad behavior occurs. This positive parenting article sounds relevant for you:

hope that helps. 

Name: Bryony | Date: May 9th, 2012 1:08 PM
Hi! I am new to these forums as well.You say your stepson has a developmental delay. Do you mind me asking why that is? The reason being is that my son had a series of ear infections as a baby and did not speak till he was 3 years old. He had glue ear, and as a result has sadly had 3 operations. I have had huge problems (still ongoing but getting there!) with him re all levels. He has been a slow learner, been frustrated at school and being bullied, to having problems mixing and making friends.
It maybe worth getting him checked out by an ENT consultant (ear nose and throat), just to check he has no health issue.
If his bad behaviour continues the senco at the school (special ecuation needs coordinator) will want to try and get him statemented and he will undergo a series of assessements from independant bodies. Been there done that got the t-shirt. My son has just been given the all clear and is basically being a little sh*t now, as his understanding is outstanding (so I am told!).
So, it is a difficult call. Just go by your gut feeling as usually right. Good luck 

Name: Tealeaf | Date: Jul 15th, 2012 2:02 AM


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