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Hi everyone!

Thanks for reading my intro. I am Sara Vitale, mother of 2 boys. My son Kane is 2 and 1/2 and my son Louie is almost one year old.

Louie has many congenital abnormalities and genetic problems. He is considered "undiagnosed" but his problems include cerebral palsy, tracheostomy, g-tube, skeletal dysplasia, club feet, arthrogryposis and brain anomalies. We have been told he will never walk and he is getting his first "wheelchair" soon....well, as soon as medicaid feels like it anyways.....ugh! Cognitively he is developing normally despite his brain abnoramilities through some unexplained miracle.

We lived for the first six months of his life at the hospital with him which I found to be a surreal and life changing experience. I have seen things I never wanted to see and experienced depths of emotion I never knew existed. I find it hard for others to relate to my experience unless they have lived it. If you know what I am talking about lets get connected....email me!

We live in southern Vermont and would love to meet other families whether you are near or far. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] Also please visit Louie's website to learn all about him and see photos of our family. http://louisangelo.tripod.com

I am an artist and graphic designer with some heavy experience in web design. I have combined these with my new role as a "Special Mom" and launched a project called "Angel Boy Art". It started as a way for us to raise money for a van that we need desperately by auctioning Louie's artwork through his website. I am hoping for other families with special needs kids will to me. There is no cost or fees or anything like that at all ever. It is a way for you to raise funds for your family. You can learn all about it and fill out an applcation at http://louisangelo.tripod.com/id26.html (this is part of Louie's website so you can also use his link above and then go to the angel boy art page.) Kids of any age with any special needs who do any type of art, writing etc...are welcome to join.

Thanks for reading this. I am an open book for anyone who wants to get to know me.

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