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My child has some problems but I don't know how I go about seeing what she has. ever since she started to school I notice every year her teacher has something to say about her like kindergarden when you go take them to school to tests them how they do and the parent has to leave the room . well she cryed and could not do most of the stuff. then second grade her teacher though she had social anxiety disorder cause she would not play with other children at school and in groups . shes scaried people also . she fail kindergarden second and fourth grade and she is 12 years old . I took her to a counselor a 4 months and they said she has anxiety .and I know she has depression . she had depression for a long time . her only friends for a long while was her little pet shop toys and my little ponies. and would only play with babys or 2 or 3 year olds no one her own age until this year but she don't like to play with them very long. I can go on and on.. can anyone give me any advice on how I go about see what she has. I just don't want it to get worser .
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