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Hi, anyone have any insight on this? I'm 32 weeks and just been told the baby has hydronephrosis, which started from pyelectasis. Any help would be appreciated.
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Name: rugbratmom | Date: Nov 8th, 2006 4:56 AM
I don't know if I am any help at all but m daughter was born with hydronephrosis. Before she was born they did ultrasounds every fw weeks. After she was born they did a few ultrasounds. At 6 weeks she had a VCUG. That is a test where they put a catheter into the bladder and fill it with x-ray contrast dye. They watch it on the x-ray screen to see if it refluxed to her kidneys. It didn't. Her urologist said that hers was caused by a blood vessel that ran close to the ureters kind of blocking the flow. They did ultrasouds every few months to keep an eye on it. at age 2 she has outgrown theproblem and her little kidneys are normal. One of my neighbors' babies also has hydronephrosis. Hers is caused by kidney reflux. She as to take antibiotics daily to prevent her from getting a kidney infection. 

Name: jenleewashere | Date: Dec 4th, 2006 7:32 PM
My son had hydronephrosis. They found it with him in the womb also. I had ultrasounds every two weeks and when I delivered they ran tests on him to look at the kidney. My son devolped two ureter tubes on one side. One of the tubes wasn't connected to the bladder or kidney, it was just like an arm off of the functioning ureter tube. My son came home from the hospital with me after delivery and was on antibotic until he was six months old. Then the urologist I had been meeting with since I was pregnant did surgery to remove the extra tube and a slight bit of his kidney. The surgery and recovery went excellent. Every year we did have an VCUG done to check on the kidney because he did have a slight kidney reflux, but urologist said that kids tend to outgrow it and it would more than likely be fine. He told me just to watch to make sure he had no high fevers accompanyed by not urinating. At the age of 5, we went for our yearly VCUG and my son refused to pee with the catheter in, he cried and this continued for 3 hours. Exhausted we decided it wasn't gonna happen. The urologist said we had two options: one, to try again or two, we could wait and if he devolped any problems come back then. The reason he gave us that option was because having these done too frequently runs a risk of kidney or bladder infection. That was the last thing we wanted after having to have surgery. We held off, and he is now 11 and no reflux. He has no problems with urination or his kidney. Everything is functioning properly. Good luck, hope it all works out. 

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