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Hi my name is Katherine and I'm new to this and feel lost.
First and for most I have called my sons regular doctor but im sure we all have had the waiting game....

My son is 17 developmentally 6 to 8 yrs old with CP in lower extremities, is on the AS, has epilepsy, ADHD and a mood disorder. He has been doing very well for several years and all of a sudden things changed. The problem is were the connection is. Is this seizure related or some thing else I understand that I have taken the first step by calling his regular doctor but for me that is not enough. I don't like feeling helpless....next is what has been happening if any one has any advice or has experienced any thing similar please lets talk

Over the last week he has had spells of throwing things at first we thought it was because he was mad at dad or mom but tonight it happened twice about 2 hours apart the first was I asked him to put his dinner plate away and don't forget to scrap it. He grabbed his plate and preceded to do what was asked when all of a sudden he throw his plate on the floor. I of course asked what happened, why did you do that he stood there starring at me, he said nothing after several times asking why he would throw his plate he said you yelled at me which I did not. The second I went to give him his medication at 8pm and I approached him with a smile and said your not going to believe what Nike did (our dog) and said I have juice for you. He sat up to take his pills right next to me, like he does every night for years and I was checking on his movie I saw him tip the glass up to drink out of the corner of my eye he brought it down from his mouth then all of a sudden throw it across the room. I naturally got angry and again asked why he did that, he would not answer he just stared at me. I started to clean up the glass trying not to cry wondering what the hell is going on...I asked again why did you throw your glass several times he got mad and finally said again you yelled at me and this time I did not say 1 single word to him. I feel so frustrated, lost and very emotional not knowing what is going on with my baby!
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