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Hello everyone!

My name is Melissa Bickham. I am a student at Commerce A&M in Commerce Texas. I am currently taking a class Intro Into The Exceptional Learner and Special Education. We are reaching the end of our class, studying things from family interaction with the exceptional child to what children fall into the category of the exceptional learner. Our professor has had 30 years in this field and has made the class very informative and personable. I feel I will leave the class with a solid beginning to build on in the future.

Our final assignment is to interview a parent or care giver of a student with a disability. The interview is not lengthy as my teacher and I want to respect the feelings of our interviewee. The questions will range from "When was your child diagnosed?" to "If there was anything you could tell your child's teacher anonymously, what would it be?"

The real goal of this paper is to learn and to apply these things to our future careers as teachers. If anyone would like to share their story I would be thrilled.

To everyone, have a blessed day.
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