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First off, thank you for reading my post. My best friend is a mother to an amazing 17 yr old daughter who is severely physically and mentally handicapped to where she at about a 6 month mental level and is in diapers. I've seen her entire family struggle day in and day out with her daily care but she has managed to keep her family together on top of recently graduating from college and losing her father this past November. She is truly a hero in my eyes.

But, today she called me crying as she has been facing a decision that would impact her entire family. Her daughter has been on the top of a waiting list for a few months now for a nursing home. But, she feels a TREMENDOUS amount of guilt for even the thought of placing her daughter in a home.

As her best friend/ adopted by love sister, I've shared many of phone calls with her and tears. But, I can only give my thoughts/opinions as I have only walked in her shoes as far as being a caregiver from time to time and do not have kids of my own.

So, here I am as her best friend knowing my own limitations asking if there is another family who has faced the same experience that she is enduring that might be able to help her through this process so she doesn't have to feel like she is alone as a parent making such a heavy decision about her child and family. She needs a friend who has walked the 1,000+ miles -vs- my one....
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