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My University requires the students in the teaching program to interview a parent who has a child with a disability. This is for my "Inclusive Education for General Educators" class. I am a Junior at Florida Atlantic University and I do not have anyone close to me who has a child with any sort of disability. There is no required range for the disability for this project, just that it is labeled in the schools and law as a disability. The report will be written using fake names, and in complete confidentiality. Is there any parent who is willing to help me out by letting me interview them? Please and thank you :)
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Name: Rose Sultzer | Date: Aug 24th, 2011 1:27 AM
PS... I know this is a very delicate topic for most, so I understand. My best friend has severe cerebral palsy, but my professor said that I was unable to use her family as a reference because I grew up with her. She said we had to interview someone we didnt know. 

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