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I don't really know what to put as I've never been in this position before so please bear with me.
It feels like we're getting to know him all over again and are trying different methods of how to help him while he's not being monitered by the professionals.
Although he's extremely intelligent, he's struggling with communication and is very echolaelic. Speaking in short sharp sentences is working so we're making some progress, but I would like to know of anyone else with a child/ren with similar issues and have tried anything different that has worked for them.
He also has an issue with the toilet, he's fine with 'no 1's', he goes to the toilet and follows a routine that I've taught him, toilet, flush chain, trousers up and hands washed he's ok with that, but he refuses to do 'no 2's' out of pull ups!! He has now just started to understand what 'poo poo' is and will tell us that he's going and trots off into another part of the house. He knows it goes into the toilet as that's where we take his pull ups once he's finished but he panics at the thought of going on the toilet. Can anyone give me some advice on how they did it and solved this issue? He's due to start school in September and the teachers have expressed concern over this. Would really appreciate some advice and some support as we feel alone.
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