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Hey People
I am new here and on the look for people who have the same "problem" as i do.
My daughter was born on the 3.1.11, 6 weeks to early. She was born with just over 3lbs and was only 43cm small. She had breathing problems and had to be put on the machine. She had problems with to drink and had to be feed over a tube. That lasted 4 weeks then she was released from the hospital.
Now 6 months later she is only 52cm and not even 8lbs. The docs said that she is a dwarf and that she will not be any bigger then 120cm, but why she has this they dont know.
Another problem that she has is something called Short-rib-syndrom, i have looked on the internet and just found that babys with this syndrom die befor they are 8 weeks old, but the docs are not telling me anything.
Sorry if there are spelling mistakes, i dont come from the U.K i am living in Germay. Would be good if someone could give me advice on what will happen and the problems that we will be facing.
Thankyou in advance
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