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For a class I am taking I have to interview a parent of a child with a disability. If anyone could help me with this is would be greatly appreciated. I do not need to know the name of the child but if you could provide me with the child's age and disability. Thanks!

1. What is your child’s age and gender?

2. What type of special needs does your child have?

3. How old was your child when he/she was diagnosed with these special needs?

4. What events led to the diagnosis? (Any particular experiences, discussions with caretakers or teachers, multiple doctors?)

5. Does your child qualify under IDEA for special education or for services under Section 504?

6. What kind of plan is set in place between you and your child’s school in order to meet your child’s special needs, and what are the components of this plan?

7. What aspects of this plan have been most valuable to your child?

8. Is there additional accommodations, services, etc. that you wish to be provided for your child that are not being provided?

9. What academic strengths does your child possess?

10. If I was to be your child’s teacher, what advice would you want to give me in order for me to help give your child the best possible education?

11. How would you describe your child?

12. How do you think your child feels about his/her special needs?

13. What qualities do your child posses that make you feel good, proud, and happy to be his/her parent?

14. What are future struggles that you think your child may face once they are grown and out of school?

15. What kind of future opportunities do you want for your child?

16. What has been the hardest part about raising a child with special needs?

17. How has your child affected you as a parent?

18. What advice would you give to other parents of children with special needs?

19. Is there a person, group of people, community, etc. that you feel has been the most beneficial to you and your child in supporting or providing for his/her special needs?

20. Are there any misconceptions that you want to clear up or insights you would want other people to know about raising a child with special needs?
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