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I am an educator in the field of autism and have been working closely with families of children with autism for several years. I recently became a mother and have been overwhelmed with a whole new perspective of what the journey of parents of children with autism must be like.
I know that everyone wants to be heard and every parent wants the world to know how special their child is; which brings me to this project. I want to compile a collection of stories from families who have been affected by Autism. I want to hear what you have encountered leading up to your childís diagnosis, during treatment, and what autism has become to you and your family. My intention is to eventually edit and publish these stories as a memoir to bring hope, comfort and encouragement to those within the Autism community and to inform others about what itís like to raise a child with autism. So many people are misinformed about what autism is and the challenges it presents and Iíd be honored to use your stories to help educate them.
Send your story to [email protected] and indicate whether or not you would like to remain anonymous in the book. If you do not want your story to be published, please indicate so in the subject of your email. Your insight is still valuable and important.
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