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I am new on this site,and I don't know if it is any answer to my question or not.
I just going to tell what happened to me last year 2004.
I hope there is some information available for
me and better yet someone will be able to read
what I am about to say.
I was happily married with a very sweet godly woman for 12 years and we have a wonderful son
in january 1995.
We discovered in his early age that something
was not quiet right with him and we did not know at that time that he was autistic until
3 years later when finally after wrong diagnoses from doctors we learn of his condition when we move to another county.
It was hard in the beginning to accept that
our only precious child was autistic.
We learn how to cope with it and tried all kinds of treatments like changing the diets and other therapeutic treatments.
We were fortunate that our son is not the aggresive type,and that he is very affectionate and very obedient and that he recognize his parents,and know how to express his feelings.
The major concern is that he is not talking
although he can vocalized and he hears very well.
Other than that we were happy as a family
and very united until finally tragedy came
to our lives.
In 2003 we have the terrible news that my wife have cancer,and unfortunately her health was rapidly deteriorating and in september of 2004 she passed away while I was holding her hands.
It was a terrible blow for us and at the same time we had a hurricane passing thru
our county and it damage my carport.
Then all of a sudden I realized that I was along as a single parent with an autistic child.
On january of 2005 I moved to the Orlando area because I found an excellent school for
autistic children and thanks God my son is doing great.
Now,after a year and two months following and advice of a friend I decide to find a soulmate.
I am missing the marriage life,and someone to loved and be loved in return.
When my wife realized that she was going to die she also told me to find a good wife because she cares for me and our son very deeply,but I was not ready until now that finally after much grieving and learning to
cope with reality I decide to move on with life.
Unfortunately,I have not found a soulmate
In my church there is no one available because they all married and I even tried online dating and in the beginning the women
were willing to date,they like my profile and picture,but when they learn about my son being autistic they run away from me like a plague.
I tried to explain that my son is a mild autistic and a good boy but they do not even want to listen.
I came to the conclusion that it is going to
be very hard to find a woman that has a heart for children with special needs.
Now,my question is if there is a dating site specially for single mothers and fathers with
the same situation like me that want to find
their soulmates.
I will love to find a decent lady that has a
heart for children like mine,and even if they also have children with special needs such as
autism,down syndrome,aspergers,or anything like that I will work with her and help her
to take care of our children with love and compassion.
Of course we will have to fall in love and not only because it is convenient for our children.
I am a Romantic Christian man seeking a Christian lady for a serious relationship/marriage.
I have a good sense of humor,but I also have a serious side
as well.
I have a lot of love to offer to the right lady.
I like reading,listening to classical music,I enjoy operas,good movies,traveling,camping,working out,nature,walking and holding hands with the one I love at sunset,candlelight dinners,going to church,doing beautiful things together and spent the rest of our lives together
until death do us apart.
Ladies if you are ready for a loving,romantic,passionat
to come into your life and share the beautiful things that life has to offer send me a
God bless,
[email protected]
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Name: vanessa | Date: Jun 23rd, 2006 1:20 AM
i have read your story and deeply understand. i was married once and had a miscarriage and it is hard like that in any situation regarding a child. i am a christian person, and to be honest . it is hard any more to find a christian man to be with. i am a very understanding and caring person and used to even teach in our church and now i am alone. my dad passed away last june and now my sister found out she has terminal lung cancer and so i feel like everyone is leaving me but my life has to go on and i would love nothing more to find the family i am supposed to live the rest of my life with. i love kids, but that one loss was enough for our marriage, and we never tried again. it was really hard. i have worked alot in healthcare and with different cases and i do understand what you are going thru to a point. if you would like to talk , please write me at [email protected] anytime and i will reply. i would love to talk to you and get to know you more and your child. thanks . vanessa 

Name: Luz | Date: Jun 27th, 2006 1:41 AM
I read your story and I applaud you. It takes a real man to stand by his responsibilities and care for his child especially when your child has autism. My son is 9 yrs old and has adhd and slight autism. I raised him alone for the first 4yrs of his life because his dad was a no good man, he didn't care about him and didn't help me. I never asked him for a penny just to show my son some love and he never did. I met my husband in 2002 and I let him know about my son.My husband was in Hawaii in the military at the time and I lived in Boston. We met online. The love was there instantly and when he first met my son I won't lie it was very difficult for him being that he didn't have children. I am a christian as he is as well. We aloped in hawaii and I came back to Boston and a week after I moved back with my son. At first it was very hard for both my son and him, my son wasn't use to having a father figure and my husband didn't have children of his own and didn't know where to even start but they love eachother dearly now and he has cared for him so well. Now my son is going to be 10yrs old, we've been married for almost 5 yr and we have a 3yr old daughter. Were the perfect family thanks to GOD and my husbands understanding of OUR sons needs. He adopting him last year after pleaing with the biological dad to sign over his parental right. After several arguements and several thousand dollars late (it was all about the money for him to sign over the right) he did it. I wanted to share my story with you so you know that there is someone out there for you, to help you with you son and someone you will grow to love and love you and your child back. God gave me my son the way he is cuz he knew I was up for the challenge and I would succeed. I wish you the best. Your a true man like my husband and though I don't know you, you have my respect and also my condolences for your loss, she is now looking over you and your lovely son and you will find that special someone. Take care and I hope all works out for you. Just have faith and patience and it will come. IT did for me. The best of luck. Luz 

Name: amy | Date: May 11th, 2012 1:30 PM
I understand how you feel. I am also a parent of a mildly autistic child. It is hard to find someone who understands or who is at lest willing to try to understand and help. I want someone who loves my child and I. Not someone who just "tollerates us" Lol 

Name: joyce | Date: Jul 13th, 2012 10:35 PM
Hi hope all is well for you and your son I do hope you find love again I care for my grandchildren the baby is fully wheel chair bound and my grandson is fine full of beans take care x 

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