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I'm not sure why I received no responses to this post before. I'm hoping maybe by re-posting someone will reply?

My son will be 5 on August 9. We have worked on potty training for about two years now on/off. His ped and OT have said they believe he is ready, but (to me) he seems clueless about being able to interpret the sensation of needing to go. He has been successful on the potty on/off with no apparent pattern--I think it's just luck that we put him on the potty right when he needed to go. He understands everything we say as any nearly 5 year old but has no expressive language outside of "mom" and "dad." He also has mobility issues and uses a walker. We have been hard-core potty training at home and at pre-school for six weeks and are no further than before. Pre-school wants to give it two more weeks and then stop for a period of time. I have mixed feelings about this--we are upper end of diapers and pull-ups and I'm not even sure where to get larger sizes. Anyone have any thoughts? He has a very rare genetic disorder that underlies his physical challenges and delays. It is not named--just described the location of the missing genetic material. What has worked well for potty training your special needs child?
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