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This is my first time to a chat room regarding my son...every day is a battle for him and us...we just keep getting doors slammed in our face and we are not sure what to do...we want to know those of you who may have been dealing with this longer than we have suggest getting a lawyer...our son was diagnosed with a large craniopharyngioma(brain tumor located on pituitary ) suffered a stroke leaving him with severe left sided weakness, and vision loss at 19months old...we are now approaching his 3rd birthday were he will loose some of his therapies and because we live in a smaller area the resources are very limited and if they are available chances are they may not be covered completely by insurance...I need any and all suggestions because we are willing to fight what ever battle we need to fight...please help
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Name: KjerstiK | Date: Jun 23rd, 2012 9:32 PM
Have you talked with your school system yet? From your response, I am unsure on who creating roadblocks for you,but because your son is turning three soon, many possibliies come into play through the schools. When he turns three he qualifies for special education services and can receive OT, Speech, and PT if warranted. 

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