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my friend had her first child.sorry i do not no the sientific forms for theses but he was born really sick .
he does not have mucsels in his arms so can only move them up and down . he has club feet , intestines on the outs, it took her being months at a ronalod mecdonald house hours away from her home just to be able to hold her child, it hurts me to read about and to have my best friend who is a teen to have to rais a child with a disability the doctors told her if she has another the baby will be born the same but she did it she had a perfect baby girl along with her boy. from what i see she is happy with her family , i love chldren with disabilitys they are so presiouse just like all childeren . can anyone tell me how you cope ? and if theres signs of depression what are they ?? i dont want to see my friend go crazy with one disabeld child and one not ? help please
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