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hi, i am 23 and my sister is 22. she has a 6 month old daughter. i was just wondering if anybody knows of these symptoms. her daughter was born on 13th October 2010, she still cannot fully support her own head and when you hold her her upright she struggles keep her head upright, she cannot sit in a bumbo or an upright pushchair etc. postivies are that she smiles, but only when you make certian noises at her, and she eats well, is currently on solid food. But she does cry an AWFUL lot, when they come round mine sometimes she will just scream and scream , even when are in the car which usually soothes babies, also she is still getting up throughout the night. She has a lazy eye and goes cross eyed a lot, she seems to struggle to focus on anything, she takes no notice of toys does not engage with them or try to grasp at toys. She doesn't respond to anything except if you make certin noises. my sister has took her to HV etc and seems to have a lot of appointments but NO ANSWERS!! hv, eye tests, hospital, physiotherapy appoinmnets. she is starting a physiotherapy course soon and the hv said that other children will be there will down synrome etc. but try not to worry, its very upsetting as my sister just wants whats best for her daughter but doesn't know how she is supposed to feel as she has no answers, also she has had blood tests and an assessment in which the it was said that she had mild development delay and he was not overwhelmingly concerned and that she had dysmorphic features?? but that assessment was quite a while ago and she still hasn't made much progress. it is like taking care of a new born, she is such a good mother and i just want her to have answers, i know that nobody will be able to give me a definite answer but was just wondering if anyone recognised the sympoms or has gone through the same waiting game. Thanks
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Name: CP Family Network | Date: May 23rd, 2011 9:44 PM
The position in which a baby sleeps can have health consequences; this is especially true for an infant who was born with a medical condition or injury that may prohibit natural movement and if he or she isn't getting enough tummy time when awake and supervised.

That's basically the conclusion of decades of research into baby sleeping positions, the most recent of which states that pediatricians need to do a better job of educating parents about sleep position and infant development. I've done my best to help parents out here: http://www.cpfamilynetwork.org/cerebral-pal

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