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I am doing an ITV documentary at school and we decided to do it on disabled kids. Having disabled children in my family, I'm well aware you can't interview a child with down syndrome.
My question is: Are there any family members of, teachers, or babysitters of disabled kids here (ask if you can please) that would be willing to do a recorded interview either in person, or over Skype if that would be easier?
As far as the children go, we would love if we could maybe get photos or videos of them maybe via email to use them.
The main point of this documentary is not to make fun of the kids or anyone else in anyway, I promise. It is to show the world how they can change lives. Show them the things they have to work through in order to live.
I realize that this is a heart wrenching subject, and many don't want to discuss it, much less on a camera, and I respect that. So only email me if you are willing to participate, or if you want more information on it.
My email is [email protected] I will reply within a days time.

Anyone who participates in this video will be emailed a copy the day the documentary is finished, so you and whoever you choose to show it to can view it.
Thank you :)
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