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Ok i am going to sum up a long story if you need more info just ask..I have a 13 year old step son who has live me and his father for about 11 years full time. He has ADD,ADHD and ODD. He calling me mom since he was 2. His mother has been in and out of his life( currently in) We have been having trouble with him since he was little. Little things at first but over the years it has gotten bad. We have had him in and out of hospitals on different meds that the dr's put him on. He has gotten agressive at time and had cut him self. We have 3 other children that he has been agressive with them.My 3 year old will scream at times when he enters a room,he has also told me mommy he said he is going to kill me.My 7 year old still wake up with nightmares and is very frightened to sleep with out me.Cant do things as a family that my kids and us all need because of the behavior, just to name a few of many things.He was doing ok for ALITTLE while after comming home from the hospital but still had problems but is getting worse again. There are holes in the walls,kicked out of school at times,bad language the list can go on! We have done everything we can think of should we let him go live with his mom? what do i do i love him like my own and i dont want to give up on him it breaks my heart but at the same time my other children are suffering as well as my husband and i,very stressful but im at a loss please help
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Name: Breana | Date: Aug 29th, 2011 10:04 PM
I believe that your son is suffering not only from ADD, but also from some stress and hurt from past situations. I believe the best thing to do is get a family counselor to help better understand the root of his problems. 

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