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Hi !!!

I would like to share a great opportunity to make some extra cash online It's absolutely free to join so no risk on your part
People String is a social networking site that returns up to 70% of its advertising revenue back to it's members.

People string, through it's insta-portal technology, is a homepage where you can organize your existing social networks, websites, consolidate your emails & chat services, etc.. That's only some of the functional benefit. The financial benefit is that "stringers" (people string members) earn money while performing routine social activities and tasks on the computer.

Simply by performing small tasks for direct payment, reading and sending your usual email, watching videos, advertisements, doing surveys, signups, and so on. - this combined with "people dollars" which are converted into cash periodically based upon your level of activity on the site are the personal methods of generating revenue. If you are somewhat active on the site meaning that you only spend 15 minutes every 4 hours and click on 5 different links this will give you 50 people points so you can potentially make 200 people points a day which is 6,000 people points per month. 100 people points is about 1$ - 6,000 = 60$ per month. Now you can earn a lot more then that if you invite your friends and family to do the same and teach them the simple process of clicking on the right places to earn there 200 points per day Very easy to do !!!

The social means of generating income is based on a percentage of activity by your down line for doing the same tasks, things you already do - 10% from direct referrals and 2% of that from referrals on levels 2 through 6 (friends of friends, friend of friends of friends, etc..)

You also earn .50 every time you refer someone. It all adds up !!!

Please click this link to your browser to be in my team

You can also email me at [email protected] and I will show you how to get your 200 people points per day

Thanks all for reading my post !!!
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Name: danimac04 | Date: Jul 6th, 2012 7:11 PM
If anyone is interested in earning from home without paying anything up front and wthout having to sell anything send me a message on facebook

Name: SuccessfulMommy | Date: Jul 9th, 2012 11:50 PM
I have been profiting from online markets for awhile now. Trying to share my story. (Sorry I copy and pasted this from my blog!)

Bottle in One Hand, Mouse in the Other!

As a college graduate, mother of 3, and avid social network junkie, I have mastered what it takes to profit from online marketing. I will inform you about what sites are leading the nation for revenue going into your pockets. This has really changed my life, and helped my family earn the extra income to relieve the stress and bless us with financial stability.

Determining Online Scams; What's Real and What's Fake?

First things first, any business that is graded the the Better Business Bureau, is no scam. When you are looking into different possibilities of online business whether it's products helping to promote your own or sites promising you fast cash, ALWAYS see their grade within BBB. Secondly, research different reviews done by financial professionals and credible journalists from around the web. And lastly, go with your gut!

The First Step I Made Towards Fast Easy Money

Project Payday is a BBB accredited company that was graded A in 2010. Open since 2006, Project Payday is a simple way to earn quick cash and what motivated me to learn more and venture deeper into my online business journey. After making quick money through the three methods that Project Payday taught me in their training guide, I began educating my self more each day and learned about other methods to success on the internet. I HIGHLY recommend to anyone who is a beginner at making money online that they start out with Project Payday. It is free to sign up, and will teach you the basic tools needed for your foundation to future revenue. You can profit anywhere from $100-4,000/month.


Got The Basics and Put Money In Your Pocket

Take The Next Step to Increase Your Traffic:

ClickBank is another company paying you to refer their products, for example if you have received your referral link from Project Payday, this site will not only be useful for the marketing information, but with ClickBank there is also more ways to make income. ClickBank is extremely beneficial for the affiliate marketing tips and strategies it teaches you, but also if you refer their products you will earn MAJOR cash. It is also free to sign up, and helps you grasp the concept of affiliate marketing by breaking down and simplifying each aspect.

Also if you are a vendor, and would like to create major traffic with ClickBank, you may also sign up to put your product on the site.

These are just a few of the sites I have used and products that have skyrocketed my earnings to almost $168,000 annually. That is more than I used to make in 5 years!

I'm hoping with this forum I have changed someones life! Most of these have free trials, so at least take advantage of that! 

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