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Name: Lynne n
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Hi i have been at home with my son now for two years and as much as i love him,i need something for me.I cant get a paid job as we receive child tax credit every week and what i would earn(which would not be a lot as i dont have any qualfictions)would cancel out the tax credits,and we would be worse off so i would be cutting off my nose dispite my face(so to speak).
Any way to get o the point i would like to try and get some voulntry work in a charity shop or something what does every one think it would only be one or two mornings a week and my mum has said she will have my little one for me!
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Name: nicole jones | Date: Jun 17th, 2006 6:07 PM
I'm doing the same thing Lynne. I work a little, but I have been feeling depressed lately and I'm hoping that helping someone else will bring me out of it. I am thinking of volunteering at the local St. Vincent DePaul sorting through things and accepting donations. If they have one near where you live it doesn't take much to sign up. I've done it before and I was volunteering 10 minutes after i showed up, plus you can just go whenever you have time - they dont make you have a schedule. 

Name: Lynne n | Date: Jun 17th, 2006 7:18 PM
Hi i popped into our local cancer research shop today and i am going in on friday morning for a hour and i will take it from there! 

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