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Staying at home is such a blessing a privilage! I love it! Who wouldn't. I get to know that my children are safe from others and chemicals (ones that most don't know about)! I wish more did know about it! We would have less people and children with: ADD, ADHD, Thyroid Problems, Exzema, Psoriasis, Cancer, MS, Strokes, Asthma, and so much more. It's just sad to hear about completely medically healthy people suffer from a stroke only to find out that it was from the chemicals they were exposed to, or a baby or child rushed to the hospital from severe asthma attacks! Especially sad when they all find out that it is due to something that they have in their home or office that they thought was safe. I'm soooo happy to say that because of the knowlege that a good friend gave me, my husband (who has COPD at 30) rarely has to use his inhaler anymore! It's also wonderful to hear another friend tell me once she found out that her baby (who was born with Bleeding Exzema) has cleared up and doesn't suffer because they changed their baby wash and laundry detergent! The power of knowlege is a beautiful thing especially when you are just a stay at home mom. People think that we do nothing, but we have the hardest jobs out there, and I'm proud to say that I am one!
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