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Hi ladies. Believe it or not I never responded to firewife's comments looking for a fight. I enjoy lively discussion, even heated discussion if it is done with the absence of insults. I love this forum because it not only provides answers to the millions of questions that pop up daily about my children but it also provides me with some much needed adult interaction. I am not saying I want to debate issues all the time but I certainly do like having a place where you can let your opinions be known. I usually take the time to explain myself and why I think certain things. I would love to hear the same from everybody else. There is no better way (in my opinion) to really understand the world then by seeing it through others eyes. You may not agree with what others say but sometimes it does stop and make you think.
I don't like it when people just insult others though. I believe in the goodness of people. I think we all have more in us then just some nasty words if we don't agree with each other.
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Name: Julia | Date: Jun 16th, 2006 4:46 AM
I agree Cindy! We can debate and chitty chat about our thoughts whether we agree or not on the topic, but just being mean and insulting one another is pointless. Don't worry about it anymore, just go along with your questions and insight as you normally would, and as soon as someone starts getting nasty and out of hand, move on to another topic. It's not worth it.. 

Name: Lizzi | Date: Jun 16th, 2006 6:11 PM
I feel that when people post,they open the door for ANY and ALL comments and should be prepared to accept the bad as well as the good and not whine about what someone may have commented that they didn't like.After all,they opened the door for it! 

Name: Julia | Date: Jun 16th, 2006 6:21 PM
There is a difference in debating and disagreeing on a topic, and insulting on a personal level. Why is this so hard to understand? Go a head and share your thoughts on the topic and challenge the other recipient if you wish, but saying comments like "I feel sorry for your husband" is just rude and unnecessary!! Come on we are not in high school...ok maybe some on here are, hehe. 

Name: cinner29 | Date: Jun 16th, 2006 11:18 PM
Lizzie...are you saying that it is ok to insult someone if you don't like what they wrote? Maybe I am misunderstanding your post so let me know. I 

Name: mommyagain | Date: Jun 19th, 2006 2:27 PM
I agree too. I just hope we can debate and stress our opinions without making people feel less wanted around here. I hope this has all died down some. 

Name: Lynne n | Date: Jun 19th, 2006 6:50 PM
You are so right in what you say! 

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