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We are currently interviewing people to join our team "Freedom at Home Team". Our home-based company pays you daily and provides you with competitive benefits.

We provide free training thru the internet or thru telephone conferences. We also have training centers all over the United States that you are welcome to attend. Our Training centers are available to you at no cost.

We invest time and money on you so please, only people that are willing to work 10 hours a week or more need to inquire.

* Daily Pay
* 401(k) benefits available
* FREE LIVE Support
* FREE Dental, Vision,

* NO Selling
* NO Cold Calling

This is a great business opportunity with low start-up.
You may request additional information and schedule an interview online at www.freedomathometeam.com/wrightr78
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Name: fury94 | Date: Aug 17th, 2009 10:59 AM
Hi my name is Sarah & i would like to share my inspiring story with you,,, how i (a stay at home mother of 3 children) took my family from the brink of financial disaster, i share my online experiences free, i will show you step by step how i went from Rags to Riches earning money online, working from home with my family, i reveal my work from home methods. & warn against get rich quick schemes,where ever you live in the world you will be shocked at my work from home program results, visit www.how-2-workfromhome.info & get your own work from home training videos & free website. One of the methods i use to earn an income online is getting paid to give my opinion,

Get Paid For Online Surveys

Online Surveys
I wish I received a dollar for every time I heard a someone complain, "I want to be at home with my kids, I want to be able to enjoy their sports days with them and attend concerts and assemblies. But how can I do that and hold down a job?"

I must admit i felt the same when I was stuck working for someone else & making them rich,

One answer is - become an opinion giver & get paid for it

What's Involved with getting paid for your opinion

I was looking around the internet and came across some information on paid survey companies from a website on there. So I joined up and have since become a member of the 'recommended survey panels'. After the initial registration with each site the surveys come thick and fast and since joining I have been receiving loads of surveys to complete every day.

Sometimes the surveys are simple questionnaires about washing powder or insurance or colours of a car etc,, and sometimes they are more involved. I have watched videos, listened to recordings and filled in forms.

What are the Rewards to me?
Apart from the obvious,,, extra money (so you'll need to set up a pay pal account.) you will find you get plenty of freebies & all sorts of exciting stuff, be the first to new products & give your opinion of it, & to top it off you get paid for giving your opinion, could it be any easier,,, i don't think so !!!!!!!

Most surveys take between 10 and 30 minutes to complete. I find it a great deal of fun and I get paid to be at home with my 3 kids & husband, who now works online from home with me.

It isn't the grand overnight money train, & you certainly won't be a millionaire, but you will have plenty of extra money for gifts for the family, holidays or maybe catch up with the bills,, you will be able to do things you normally wouldn't be able to do, The really wonderful thing is that I am at home with the kids, not stuck in an office or boring factory looking out a window at the sun in the distance and thinking about how someone else is enjoying my child's formative years instead of me.

Doing Surveys has Raised my Awareness
Doing the surveys has made me more aware of what I buy, what we eat, and I am more conscious of why I buy things. I had never examined my motives for buying things before and I now have the skills to determine what elements are needed to get me to part with my money.

I feel that I am playing a vital role in the success of some advertising campaigns. Because that is what survey panels are for. Members are invited to honest opinions of advertising campaigns and give feedback to companies who pay for those opinions.

Remember to stay focused
Just remember though working from home requires more discipline than going to a normal day job.

I complete my surveys when the children are involved in an activity that doesn't require me to supervise them too closely because sometimes the surveys do require a little concentration. For instance the ideal time is when it is play dough play time or they are dressing up playing their make believe games, whereas when and the kids are having water play I need to give them my full attention rather than complete a survey.

Do I Enjoying Working From Home?
I certainly do !!! My experiences with the internet so far have been a very fulfilling. I have extra income, the time to enjoy my family and the pleasure of being able to work from home. I get to play games play on the computer, answer a myriad of questions, get a first look at lots of ideas for advertising and have the opportunity to inform advertisers what works for me and what doesn't - and the best part is that as I am a valued customer they pay me!

Paid surveys have also given me the spare income to invest in a few other work from home programs, my online success over the last 5 years has skyrocketed & i now earn a regular five figure income & live a lifestyle i never knew existed, debt for me is a thing of the past,

Now to put that time at home to good use, the children and I are off to the Zoo followed by a paddle in the sea. Good luck with your online income.


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