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This has been an interesting summer. There have been ups and downs. One thing that I can say is that my life has changed in a very big way. At the beginning of the summer, I started my own business. I am partnered with a wellness company and I love it. Green living is definitely more than just saying Im going green... I believe that not using the chemicals in my home is much better for my family. Any sort of chemicals that you are using is risking your health in some way. I invite all of you moms out there, to take a chance, join us on our mission and work from home with us. Internet CEO Moms have been teaming together with moms to work from home since 1999. My life has also changed in the way that I have been reading inspirational and self improvement books that have opened my eyes to seeing life differently. My life is not my work, but my work has slowly changed my life in wonderful ways. If you think that you would like a serious change in your life go to http://www.imaworkfromhomemom.com and I will help you achieve your goals!
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