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My name is John, and I am helping to run a new internet startup that is looking for people, especially moms, to rate and review any providers they have used. As an incentive, we are offering cash off of any purchases at our online bookstore for every review that is made. The first review you make will get you 1 dollar is credit, and every subsequent review will get you 50 cents more! There is no limit! You can exchange your credits for cash off of at our online bookstore that already sells items at cost! This website, BuyerTopia.com, also allows any user to donate to whichever charity they want while saving money.
There is no catch, and no cost. We are offering this deal, because we are trying to get tons of honest reviews for our site. If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me directly at [email protected]! We want people to be able to choose the best provider for their circumstances, but we need feedback from moms like you to make that happen!
Our website is OnProviders.com, and is simple and easy to use. I hope you are interested in this great deal!
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