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Name: Lizzi | Date: Nov 13th, 2006 11:42 PM
13itchy 13unny,as far as I'm concerned you are more than welcome to be here!!!! 

Name: l3itchyl3unny | Date: Nov 13th, 2006 11:42 PM
Well i guess im not much of a lady then....! I dont usually swear this much at home..but then again i dont have people like simmonds and lynne around me acting a fool.

And Emma most the time i dont refresh by the time ive typed something and its gone it someone else has put something. 

Name: marija | Date: Nov 13th, 2006 11:46 PM
Where i used to work swearing constantly was 'talking normal'
I never used to swear (unless i was incredibly angry) then one day i came home and everything was F this and F that My husband was horrified, it had become a habit because i was around it constantly. It came to a screaming halt the day my son was 3 and we were in the Supermarket and he through a tantrum and was told NO, next thing i knew he was screaming at the top of his lungs that ' I was nothing but a F***in A*******
Horrified, i did what only an embarassed mother would do and answered in the most dignified voice..."Who on earth taught you those words"
I still dont swear but it doesnt bother me to hear or read it what i really dislike is sexually explicit crudeness...
no i dont mean the Dude thing,( i didnt know what Scrotum was at school either, i actually got a detention for asking the Teacher what it meant) 

Name: E | Date: Nov 13th, 2006 11:56 PM
haha Marija, the remedy for Bunny is found! She'll be free from swearing in about 2 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Name: marija | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 12:03 AM
He is my articulate one he was speaking clearly at 2 and Horrified was not even close to what i felt, if the ground could of eaten me up it would of ..i was wishing that hard.
Actually my first instinct was to yell " Where are your parents?!" and then run away. 

Name: momof3 | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 12:06 AM
In relation to the "dude" thing, a Dork is a whales penis!! 

Name: E | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 12:07 AM
ha! Didn't expect that from you, momof3 loooll !!!!!!

Who makes up those nicknames anyways???? Maybe it's made up again, in fact those parts have perfect scientific names. 

Name: momof3 | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 12:09 AM
Maybe some really smart kid, was tired of being picked on and started calling people dude and dork because he was the only one that really knew what they meant!! 

Name: E | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 12:10 AM
exactly !! lmao 

Name: l3itchyl3unny | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 12:10 AM
yes!!! its TRUE omg i cant believe i forgot that one momof3 !! Lol
I got a detention for that in school when the teachers figured out i wasnt saying it just for the sake of it. HA! the things you remember. 

Name: momof3 | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 12:10 AM
E, just curoius why didn't you expect that from me??? I am pretty laid back here, but in person, watch out!!! 

Name: E | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 12:10 AM
didn't expect the knowledge sorry!!! don't know why!!!! 

Name: l3itchyl3unny | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 12:12 AM
I really REALLY feel like a sausage roll and if i dont have one i think im a die :( I wana eat like 20 of them RIGHT NOW! 

Name: momof3 | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 12:13 AM
That is okay!! I was just wondering. I know lots of useless things, My dad is really smart and I bought a book of useless knowledge to out smart him!!! 

Name: Jeanie | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 12:14 AM
I think we've all been hurt here lately in one form or another and surprisingly from those we respected. But all in all, it's on an up swing for awhile. Tumoil will strike again, you'll see. But let's hope it doesn't get as personal as it did this last time.

Anyone who wants to be a SAHM should be allowed here. My children are all grown, yet i was a SAHM and no one has intentionally told me to leave.

We all have questions and we all have answers.

Hi E, how are you? 

Name: E | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 12:25 AM
I'm good, Jeanie, you? 

Name: granny2be | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 12:30 AM
You are a mom, regardless if the baby has arrived yet or not! 

Name: Jeanie | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 12:35 AM
I'm doing great! Miss our chat time though... 

Name: E | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 12:36 AM
I thought you were chatting on the other site - ??? 

Name: Jeanie | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 12:44 AM
I do some...they have some great fun there. But I miss our conversations. I'm studying up on Essential Oils. Have you ever tried any? I haven't but it looks like something I may want to try. 

Name: E | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 12:46 AM
hmmm what that? I know fish oil..... 

Name: Jeanie | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 12:51 AM
Do a google on essential oils. There's a couple that are suppose to help witn inflammation so I'm researching for RA. I think they should be a nice compliment to the nutritionals and Body Guard. 

Name: Julia | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 12:56 AM
I hope you didn't get your hands on those saugage rolls bunny! You will regret it. hahaha. 

Name: cinner29 | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 5:41 AM
13itchy, I think you have every right to stay. It is a great place to be if you have questions about your little one (when he arrives). Seems to me like you are just doing your research!

In my opinion you ARE a Mom now.....I mean who else has been nutrturing, protecting and loving your bub for the last 8 months!!!!! 

Name: winnmom | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 5:53 AM
This is a Stay home Mom forum.
As far as I am concerned that includes past , present, and soon to be. 

Name: l3itchyl3unny | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 5:55 AM

well i guess majority rules..simmonds stfu you stupid woman!
No one else has a problem me being here even though my son isnt born yet!

BTW! i didnt get my sausage rolls :( its way too hot here to eat!! i ended up throughout the day drinking 4 LARGE cokes from MACDONALDS!! ohhh the syrupy goodness...Lol
My poor kid is going to come out with a sugur high! 

Name: simmonds-amanda | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 8:07 AM
I have no problem with her being in this site as long as she stops picking holes in everything i say. 

Name: Ayame | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 8:28 AM
Simmonds get over it. Not everyone is going to pity you and I don't care you get "picked on." Wahh wah wah. It's the internet for christs sake.

And if you guys thinks Bitchy's swearing is bad, oh god.. around home, I'm terrible! I blame my husband and his military talk. I swear like no other!

And well of course I want you to stay. 

Name: simmonds-amanda | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 8:33 AM
I am not saying that she cant but i have never been nasty to her so i don't know why she has to be with me? 

Name: saxton_emma | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 9:00 AM
stop going in about it, and you are definitly not getting 'picked on' 

Name: marija | Date: Nov 14th, 2006 11:09 AM
ahhh 13itchy you are having a bad day arent you???
Now if you had a corgi you could of kicked it...hehehehe

only joking all pet lovers 

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