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Okay so I know people say that their toddlers melt down, but how come I never see it. It feels like I'm the only one whose 3-year old screams at the top of his lungs every time we leave Walmart without riding Bob The Builder! Please share your toddler melt down stories so I don't feel quite so alone!
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Name: danimac04 | Date: Jul 6th, 2012 7:15 PM
You're definitely not alone in that but you have to ignore. Giving in never help and in fact only makes it worse. I would say no more often if I were you just to get him used to it and so that he can have those meltdowns in the house. It's a lot easier to ignore your child screaming in the house than it is when you're out and everyone is starting at you.

I have told both of my children no fro the very beginning and neither of them really does that. On the rare occasion that they did I would ignore them bc I wanted them to know that throwing a tantrum would not turn a no into a yes. 

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