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I was just wondering... I know tummytime is important and I am doing it. But how long should you wait after they have eaten before putting babies on their bellies? I usually wait awhile but I dont know.

And also has anyone had problems with your babies head being flat? They call it flat head syndrome? My sons head is a little flat on one side. I hate it and I try to keep him of his flat side. But will it go away. Or is it to late? He is like 3 months old!
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Name: mommyagain | Date: Jun 12th, 2006 8:11 PM
I am not really sure but I think it goes away and you are doing the right thing by tryng to keep him off that side but as you know he will lay how he wants. Giving him the tummytime will also help that. I just did it periodically through the day I never really timed it. When he is done on his tum he will let you know. 

Name: homemommichele | Date: Jun 12th, 2006 9:27 PM
Yes, keep him off of it and it will go away. This has become a new concern since the Back to Sleep campaign, but certainly better than the alternative (crib death). 

Name: soontobe6 | Date: Jun 12th, 2006 10:08 PM
my last baby had to get x-ray on his head because he was flat head.nothing was wrong thank god.he has a perfect round head now.it is just from them laying on their head that is all.it will go back normal.u are doing the right thing waiting a bit after baby eats be4 on belly 

Name: Pasha | Date: Jun 15th, 2006 3:10 AM
My daughter had one side of her head that was flat compared to the other. I started putting her on the other side so it would get even. After 1 week everything was fine. She's 3 months now and I started puttin her on her tummy for a few minutes several times during the day. At first she would cry but within 2 days she was already holding her head high and turning it from side to side. She hasn't rolled over yet though... That's ok right? 

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