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It's not much but it's legitimate, fun and provides a bit of extra cash. I'll be honest there is also the opportunity to earn 20% of the amount your referrals cash out. Who doesn't like passive income? Payment is safe through PayPal.

Basically you are paid to write posts on a variety of forums and blogs. The average user earns $0.08 per post and if you are rated highly by clients you can earn $0.10 per post.

I would be grateful if you did sign up under me and will guide you every step of the way to your first payment if need be.
This opportunity is 100% free. You do need to pass a quick test to show that you can write well enough for the companies standards. After all people are paying for the content you write. You also get little bonuses if your writing is rated highly.

First here is my email. I'm more than happy to answer any questions and promise to reply to each and every person. If you need me to give you step by step instructions I'll do it:
[email protected]
Here is my referral link:
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