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Hi my son was born around a year ago. Exactly two weeks later my mom passed away. This has been a very exhausting year because I mother everyone and they all expect it of me so that leaves me with no one to help me. My husband tries but he works a lot and is never home the rest of the time is busy doing other things. My in-laws try but they live a little out of the way and I want/need my own family to help. My sister helps out sometimes but it is more onesided because I am always babysitting my nephew who I love a lot and am always changing my schedule and doing things to help her out. Only now they are moving away and that will be hard on me also because now my mom and my only sister will not be here for me. I guess I need to stop feeling sorry for myself but I thought I would be a lot better mom than I am. Am I crazy for wanting/needing a break sometimes I am with my son 24/7 he won't even go to his dad half the time because he wants me. I feel like a horrible mother because I want to at least go to the bathroom without having to bring him with me and make sure he doesn't bang his head on the counter or play/drop things in the toilet when I wash my hands. HELP!
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Name: Svalenz5 | Date: Nov 4th, 2011 8:06 AM
Hi, I understand what you mean by feeling overwhelmed. I get the same way and it's not selfish. Parenting is the hardest job out there and most demanding too. I recently became a stay at home mom with my daughters birth. She is 8 months now and crawling and getting into things. I don't have any adults to talk with since my bf works all day and gets home late. When he is off he's still working. So I may as well be alone. Women are held to high expectations as mothers and I get that. We just want to be the best mom and keep our sanity. 

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