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Hi my name is MiKayla and i have a daughter who is 18 months as to my friends who is with me and i have known for years her name is ramona she has a little girl who is 2 and a little boy who is 15 months. we were living together as roommates when her aunt kicked both me and her out our babies out on the streets since the 16th at night. because ramona called the police because her ex husband put his hands on her so her aunt trows us and the kids out. we have no place to go at all with out kids.... and no one seems to want to help is there anyone who is generous enough to help us get a hotel for 3 nights. my husband is out of town on work he has just bought all of us a bus ticket to were he is at the bus leaves the 23rd in the morning he has even paid the taxi cab to take us to the bus station, but he has no more money and even had his boss pay him early to be able to do this.... the cheapest hotel i have found is 40 a night. and just as soon as my husband gets a new pay check we will be able to pay anyone back who is generous enough to help! thank you 2 caring mothers in need
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Name: MK | Date: Jun 20th, 2011 10:26 PM
for anyone that is generous to help... my email address is [email protected], if you are able to help in anyway please email me! 

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