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Any thoughts on travelling overseas with an ACTIVE 2 year old boy. He is really good - just goes nonstop all day long.
We are flying Us Airways and he does have his own seat. NOT travelling that far with him squirming! We just are not sure if we should bring his car seat. My mom mentioned that when her friend went - the car seat that they brought with them from the States would not fit in the English cars. We don't want to have to lug the heavy car seat all that way for nothing. My mom did say we could rent one at the airport when we pick up the car. Luckily my parents are going over a few days earlier so they are getting the car.
I just need some info on whether or not to bring our car seat. Thanks
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Name: marija | Date: May 21st, 2007 1:33 AM
most rental car places hire baby seats :-) check with them...even if they dont they may direct you to someone who does
have a nice trip :-) 

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