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This is a very tragic period for me cos its about 6months now that I
lost my wife. She was robbed and killed on her way back from work
leaving behind our 2years old son and our 9months old daughter
(Britney). Since then i have been looking after them with help of
nannies but doesn't seem to help much because she is not growing up
the way i would have wanted. The nature of my job is another aspect
that prevents me from looking after her the way i would have loved to.
I don't want to give her up, but I'm beginning to take adoption as an
option. I just want to see her grow in loving and motherly
environment, with people that i can be friends with. I have been to
adoption agencies and committees around and don't like their
procedures. I am trying to reach out to anyone or family with loving
hearts and family environment who are looking to adopt to contact me
so we can chat and get to know each other. I will prefer to meet
anyone in person before considering adoption so to know exactly the
type of home my baby will be growing up in. I belief where my wife is
resting will look up to me and not be angry because she knows how much
i loved her and my children. I am doing this because i really do love
her and want whats best for her. I belief tomorrow she will understand
my motives and grow to love me for that. Please anyone who knows where
i can meet prospective adoptive parents or birth parents who can help
me with advice will be much appreciated by my family. Please do get
back to me with any helpful tips with my baby. Below is a pic of my
baby girl and my self. Isn't she lovely???????
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