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To sahms, working moms, and even those that are prego, here is something that I came up with that I'm going to try to implement when my new arrival arrives. This I believe will help with the daily stresses of dishes, laundry, dirty kitchens and bathrooms, etc. A "chore" schedule for myself, so I don't get so overwhelmed with everything. This is just an example for now, but here goes my idea:
Sunday: Vacuum whole house
Monday: Clean Bathroom/ Put out trash for Tues.
Tuesday: Clean kitchen/ dust whole house
Wednesday: Gather all laundry, wash and dry, throw it into laundry baskets/ vacuum whole house
Thursday: Fold laundry, put all away
Friday: Pay bills, make important phone calls
Saturday: Do nothing.
Note: Obviously, through daily life, there will no doubt be modifications to anyones "chores" because of unexpected events, emergencies, etc, but it just seemed like a really good way to not get over stressed about cleaning and what not. Also, I plan to start using disposable plates, cups, and utensils for 3-4 meals per week. Oh, and don't get me wrong. I didn't mean that Tuesday be the only day you do dishes, etc. I just mean that that would be the day to deep clean, like bleach the floor, clean out the fridge, etc. Also, we have started using the same cup all day long. Whatever cup we use for breakfast is the same cup we use all day. Also, hubby and I have began trying our best to make sure we immediately wash our plates and utensils after dinner, and then set them in the drainer. All of these things combined have helped out SOOO much with the dishes. You would be amazed. Also, I've also noticed laundry gets cut down lots by wearing pj's more than once. Its not like you're getting that dirty while sleeping.....Sleeping naked helps too. He-he.
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