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Hi, I've only just come to this Forum, which I *think* is Australian. I'm English, we live near london, and in two weeks I'm going to Perth for 5 months. Eeeek!
My husband is on sabbatical, and will be working with dung beetles. (Yes, I know he's weird...).
My oldest daughter will be at school, and I'll have my little (though she insists she's 'big') 4 year old with me.
Will I find places to go and people to meet?
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Name: bebe_blackie | Date: Oct 31st, 2008 7:34 AM
hey Im from Perth and we live just outside london ( east) we are moving back in December for good.. there are loads of places it much more outdoor than here but there are still indoor centres and such. search online once you get there and you will find sites like the meetamums one they have here . my friend runs one calls bubs R us its a free one and just small but that might be a start . Im going to be flying 6 months pregnant with a 10 month old Im not looking forward to it at all . Im not sure when you posted so I hope this is not to late to help you but if you are there when I am maybe we can meet up.

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