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Name: Tara | Date: Mar 25th, 2006 7:52 PM
I started a new job three weeks ago and I just found that I am pregnant (home pregnancy test). How do I ask for time off to go to a doctor's appointment to confirm the pregnancy? How do I take time off on a new job for monthly doctor's appointments before I even tell my boss that I am expecting. I want to wait until after the first trimester or just before I start showing to tell him. 

Name: Melissa | Date: Mar 27th, 2006 12:07 PM
I start a new job today, and I am 5 months pregnant. I didn't tell her I was pregnant for fear that she would make up some excuse why she didn't want me. I was going to tell her when I went to fill out paperwork but it just didn't come out. I am already showing so I figured she had to notice. Hopefully, I get enough courage to tell her today. Wish Me Luck! 

Name: dipa | Date: Mar 29th, 2006 4:05 PM
i was 11 weeks pregnant i was very normal and wen i went for 11th week ultrasound i found that mybaby was dead wen it was 9 weeks.i pray god that it shld not happen to any women as me 

Name: emma | Date: Apr 6th, 2006 2:18 PM
i think you took a risk but with the interst of your baby at heart if you are a good employee and have the resoect of your boss he will be sorry to loose you and look beyond the fact that you lied. 

Name: Lisa | Date: Apr 9th, 2006 9:47 PM
Well if you dont say anything I think your belly will speak for itself soon enough! 

Name: jessica | Date: May 3rd, 2006 1:36 AM
im 21 weeks pregnant i can feel my baby move sometimes but how come im not showing yet 

Name: Dee | Date: May 3rd, 2006 7:24 PM
There is a position open at the end of the month that I will apply for; the work starts though in August (it is May now). By the time August rolls around I will be 5 months pregnant. I have had several miscarriages in the past (no live births); however, this time, we saw a heartbeat and I am 7.5 weeks along and sick, sick sick with nausea. I've never been sick like this with the other miscarriages. Do I tell my potential boss that I am pregnant considering my history or disclose it in August (assuming of course i am hired)? 

Name: jessica | Date: May 5th, 2006 1:08 AM
i was wondering im 21 weeks pregnant andi feel my baby move but how come im not showing yet 

Name: Tiffany | Date: May 5th, 2006 8:16 PM
Do what you think is right it all up to you 

Name: Bobbi | Date: May 10th, 2006 7:47 PM
Dee, We are in the same position. I start at the end of this month through June and then come back in August. I will be 5 mths in August so I will tell my boss then. I don't want to be replaced over the summer. Besides I am only 10 weeks and I am not telling too many people until my 2 trimester. 

Name: Nita | Date: May 14th, 2006 11:02 PM
I am so elated to see that I am not the only one is this position!!!! I have been worried for the past week since I received my job acceptance. I too am 5 months pregnant and showing and I just don't know how to inform my manager. Thanks ladies, after reviewing what everyone has said I am at ease now. Thanks again ladies and I wish you all the best!!!! 

Name: Trina | Date: May 15th, 2006 1:10 PM
Wow. I was going to start a new job but I didn't want to treat them that way so.....all you can do is tell them and hope for the best! 

Name: Anne-Marie | Date: May 18th, 2006 2:34 PM
hi Girls,
I've been in my new job 3 weeks and 2 days ago I found out that I am 3 and a half months pregnant. Now although I've worked for the same employer for a year and a half, my new job is in a completely different department and I was dreading telling my new manager, but you know what, she was really brilliant and pointed out that it's nothing that we can't work round. I did point out to her that I knew it was really bad timing and that I had absolutely no idea I was pregnant. That tactic seemed to work really well!!. So don't worry, they will thank you for being honest and it will stop you from worrying, which you could really do without right now!! Good Luck. 

Name: bea | Date: May 18th, 2006 7:19 PM
I started my new job also knowing that I was pregnant. I too panicked about how to tell my boss. The honest thing to do would be to tell the truth, but i took another option.
Whilst at work i claimed I was feeling dizzy and sick (which was actually morning sickness). I took the next day off and told my boss i was worried and was going to the hospital. (which wasn't technically a lie because I had my scan on that date). I took my scan picture into work the next day, and pulled my boss to one side. I then told her (trying to look as shocked as possible) that rather than having some sort of horrible illness i was unexpectedly pregnant. She was wonderful and looking back I feel sort of bad about lying but i feel the situation would have been different had she known the truth. I do think legally, your employer is required to know at interview (BUT ONLY IF YOU DO!!) Your boss cant sack you for being pregnant (well couldn't in my situation) and you are intitled to at least six months maternity leave but not maternity pay. I went back to my job after having my son, then left for something better, but I had no problems.
You should also get onto telling them soon for your own safety. Your boss will have to carry out risk assessments to ensure they are covered too. If you can live with bending the truth a bit, pretending to be supprised is probably the easiest way to deal with the situation.

Happy soul searching 

Name: jd32506 | Date: Dec 15th, 2006 6:48 PM
hi moms to be!
i am 14 weeks pregnant and i just started my new job this week. i too didnt mention that i was pregnant on my interview due to rejection. i need this job for financial reason and i LOVE the job. the job does not offer medical insurance but i do have it though the state due to a pregnancy earlie which unfortuanately i had miscarried. i am shoing a bit but i can hide it pretty well. i do not know what to expect when i really do start showing. we do not have a human resources dept...its a very small company and the owner is the only one id go to. i know i cant lose the job for being pregnant but he can use another reason. any suggetions? 

Name: Samantha | Date: Jul 25th, 2007 11:25 PM
Well, I think that you should tell your employer now that you have passed the 3 month mark, your in less risk of having a miscarriage and all the other dangerous stuff, and plus they can't discriminate against you what so ever. So just tell your employer, its the best thing to do. 

Name: Shandy | Date: Aug 27th, 2007 11:21 AM
I'm 10 Weeks pregnant and went for an interview i was to scared to tell them.But knowing not so sure if i do get the job how do i tell them I'm pregnant. 

Name: Rachel | Date: Sep 19th, 2007 11:45 PM
I'm so glad I found this site too. I'm 3 months along and I started a new job today. I didn't tell my boss i the interview because I was fearful of not getting hired. I'm an O.R. Tech on PRN status but I will most likely get my full 40hrs. Does anyone know what me rights r, if there r any laws to protect someone with a PRN position and any advice u may have? I'm also single, and will get no immediate help from the father and no maternity pay. Where can I get help financially will I'm not working. Please let me know!!!I'm frantic. [email protected] 

Name: been in your shoes | Date: Oct 1st, 2007 11:20 PM
I started my job when i was 4 and a half months pregnant and didnt tell them till i was about 7.5 months i did my best for those 3 months before telling them and was at top of my sales dept so when i told them they were very suprised, since i was due in 2 months, long story short, I should of told them sooner they would of appreciated the heads up, plus firing u for being pg is a huge lawsuite. they are really careful the only thing is u may not be guaranteed ur job back. Tell them so u can plan accordingly its better to know than to be stressing the whole pregnancy. 

Name: heidi | Date: Oct 3rd, 2007 2:41 PM
im almost 7 months pregnant and i wanted to know if i was still able to work or will no one hire me 

Name: girl | Date: Oct 5th, 2007 10:45 PM
i started to work at 4 months 

Name: FLORES | Date: Oct 5th, 2007 10:48 PM

Name: Mom&Boss | Date: Oct 11th, 2007 1:00 AM
If you know when you are interviewing that you are pregnant, then it is an ethical issue as to if you will disclose that information to the prospective employer. If you want your employer to treat you fair and be honest with you though, then it's wise to release this information up front especially if you expect the same of them. For example, if you are hiding the pregnancy and then spring on them that in 3 -4 months that you'll need leave, imagine where that puts them -- they hired, & trained/invested in you for a position that you already are basically telling them needs to be put on hold until you are ready and somebody else will have to hold up while you are out -- and being that you weren't upfront in the beginning why would a comany even assume that you will come back? Many women have a hard time coming back after giving birth to a child - esp the first. Think about the type of relationship that you are starting off with an employer before you come off as being deceitful. 

Name: keishia | Date: Oct 15th, 2007 3:21 PM
you shouldn't be working while you pregnant im 5 months to and im going to wait till after i have my baby to get a job cause im worried i may lose my baby for working so hard and you should be thinking about the same thing. Think of your baby first. 

Name: hannah | Date: Nov 4th, 2007 3:52 PM
i am 7 month pregnant and just had an interview yesterday for a part time job, i start tomorrow! i was shocked i got the job because i have been looking for a while with no success, i didnt say anything about being pregnant, but now im worried when the employer finds out she will think i wasn't honest??? she didnt say anything in the interview about it, but i honestly think she didnt notice i was pregnant because i am still quite small....what do i say if she asks??? 

Name: RyNisha | Date: Nov 5th, 2007 3:40 PM
I am about 23 weeks pregnant now, and I just started a new job about 3 weeks ago. I did not tell my boss I was pregnant, because I was scared of rejection. But it came to a point where I couldn't hide it or decieve them anymore. I sat down with my boss I told him, he was happy for me and so was everyone else in the company. I feel relieved now! Take a deep breath, and sit down and let him/her know. They can't actually fire you, because you are pregnant. God Bless! 

Name: comfort | Date: Nov 24th, 2007 5:01 AM
I think you should wait for the three months to pass. 

Name: comfort | Date: Nov 24th, 2007 5:10 AM
Hi, pls can someone help me i'am an expectant mum i missed my period since june and when i tested it it was negative twice and i went to the hospital with two times ultrasound at week 8 the doc found nothing and at week9 i had blood in my urine when i went for test the doc said is bladder infect and i treated it but now i haven't seen my period yet.Can it be that i am pregnant. 

Name: tiffany | Date: Dec 17th, 2007 5:12 PM
do you suppose to have sex at 8 months 

Name: KidsBesideMe | Date: Dec 18th, 2007 5:08 AM
Ladies I have so been in this situation. It is not fun feeling like you are being deceitful but knowing you need to earn an income.

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Name: sexc mami | Date: Jan 2nd, 2008 6:15 PM

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